Do What You Are

I work in HR, which I’ve done for ten years. I’ve found it marginally rewarding and I’ve never truly excelled at it, although I’ve generally been paid comfortably for it. I’ve felt passion for it on rare occasions but mostly it’s been frustrating. I think this is because HR is not “me.”

What IS me?

The answer has unfolded gradually over time. But one key step in my career journey was the book Do What You Are. The premise of the book is that you should do work that aligns with your character, your personality.

I am an introverted, sensing, feeling, perceiver. This means I

  • Prefer to work alone
  • Enjoy working with facts and tangible things
  • Want to help others and have my work align with my personal values
  • Dislike inflexible rules and structures
  • Prefer to avoid strict schedules

Two careers jumped out at me that aligned with my profile – chef and dietitian – because I’ve always been interested in food and nutrition.

There’s a lot I could say about the book, but in short, I highly recommend it for anyone considering a new career.


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