Garbanzo “Crab” Cakes

I cooked up some vegan crab cakes from a recipe I snagged from the newspaper. Pretty good, but they aren’t holding their shape too well. Any ideas? I imagine that de-veganizing them with egg would help. Gluten-izing them with flour would probably work, too. Hmmm.

Just blend up the chickpeas with some oil, chopped onion, seasoning, and herbs, form into patties and brown them. Then bake for a few minutes.





I also tried some corn bread without the xanthan gum, which has given my wife and I some mild, um, gastro-intestinal distress. At least, I suspect it’s the xanthan gum. And other internet sources suggest that is a common side effect (WebMD’s xanthan gum page).

Brief aside – can you believe there is a Even then acknowledge the aforementioned gastro discomfort as a possible side effect.

Anyway, the corn bread sans xanthan gum was only slightly different. I thought it would be crumblier, but it held together just fine. The crust, however, was much harder — and smoother — on this version. The hard crust was not really an issue with the shiny aluminum clam-shape baking tin. The dark brown colored muffin tin produced the harder crust. I’ve heard that the color of your cooking surface does make a difference. Anyway, I enjoyed the bread more when it had the xanthan gum, even though the differences were subtle.



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