New Gluten Free Flour Blend

Williams Sonoma is now selling a gluten-free flour replacement. You can simply substitute Cup4Cup for any wheat flour in a recipe on a – guess what – cup for cup basis.

The product features an array of starches such as rice, tapioca, and potato. It also features our good friend xanthan gum. Disappointingly, it also contains milk powder, which it’s safe to presume contains the allergenic protein casein, making it problematic for milk sensitive people, such as myself. Nevertheless, for many people, this product appears to offer a simple gluten-free alternative baking product.

photo of cup 4 cup flour product

In other news, I borrowed from the library, then subsequently ordered on Amazon, a copy of Cookies For Everyone. This book is produced by Enjoy Life Foods, a maker of allergy-aware food products. The book has some terrific looking cookies and sweets that I can’t wait to try!

image of the front cover of the book "cookies for everyone"


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