Curried Cauliflower and Kidney Beans

I bought a copy of Big Vegan on my birthday, and I’ve been anxious to try more recipes from it. And I’ve been wanting to find some Indian-influenced recipes since it’s one of my favorite cuisines and one I am far from mastering. So, I turned to Bengali Curry of Cauliflower and Kidney Beans.



Above: Ginger, one of my favorite flavors, microplaned into a fine, pasty deliciousness.


Above: A palette of spices (chili powder, cayenne, cinnamon, turmeric, and ground clove).



Above: It’s onion time.



Above: Pureed ginger, garlic, and onion are smelling good!


Above: The Cuisinart is amazing! It has a great deal of power and liquified the onion/ginger/garlic concoction perfectly.


Above: Coconut milk. This coconut milk was so thick it almost looked solid.




Above: The final step was adding kidney beans and fire-roasted tomatoes. The sauce darkened progressively as it heated until it was a rich brown color.

The result was rich in flavor and the beans, cauliflower, and tomatoes added nice texture to contrast the sauce. I’d probably try to enrich it with perhaps more coconut milk if I were cooking it for guests to give it more body.


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