Saturday Brunch

I stopped off at the downtown Austin farmer’s market and picked up a doughnut and cornbread from True Nature’s Child – yum! Then I proceeded to make a brunch of the cornbread, hummus (The Mediterranean Chef, also of the farmer’s market) and backyard collard greens.

Greens for Brunch?

Oh, yes.

I used to think collard greens and all greens were foul and tasted of yard clippings. The truth is that I didn’t have much exposure to them, that I remember. In school, they served spinach that had been boiled to oblivion with no discernible care for flavor. We used to joke that there was a strange association with spinach day and mowing of the schoolyard. Hmm. Needless to say, no one ate the spinach.

But collard greens don’t taste like yard trimmings. With very little flavoring, they can transport you to another place – Asia, perhaps.


Hummus is largely garbanzo beans (chickpeas). Garbanzo beans are tremendous sources of fiber, iron, and other minerals. They have a lot of protein. They are more than half water when cooked. Water is a nutrient. Your food should have water in it.

Collard greens are more than 90% water. They are stocked with vitamin A and K. They are rich in folate. They provide a good source of fiber. Eating greens is like eating pure health. Greens are absolutely the best food to eat and you should eat them every single day. They will extend your life.

A Word on Doughnuts (and Other Such Things)

I’ve been thinking about my deviations from the perfect diet. In full disclosure, I am not a health “nut,” I don’t eat organic vegetables all the time (or even enough vegetables). I believe in healthful eating. I believe in gradual improvements in diet. I believe in moderation and enjoying food, not in deprivation. Reframing our definition of a satisfying meal is part of this, but it also means we can still enjoy treats.

So, I post a photo of a doughnut with pride. Guilt about eating treats may be a clue to remind you to eat better, but use your rational mind to consider how the treat fits into your diet, then discard the guilt and maintain a positive direction for your diet. (A nod to amor veri for the thoughtful post on guilt.)

A lot of so-called “treats” are not really delicious. One of my goals is to indulge in treat consumption only when it’s an item prepared with care.



Above: A cup of raw fresh collard greens, chopped. This handful constitutes one serving (1 cup). It cooks down to about a 1/2 cup.


Above: Two actual servings of vegetables, as opposed to two pretend servings of vegetables, such as might be found in a school lunch pizza. I could have easily eaten twice this amount of greens (and plan to begin doing so).


Above: My collard greens, rockin’ a drizzle of toasted sesame oil, ume plum vinegar, and gomasio (sesame and a bit of salt).



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