Back to Basics

I want to eat more brown rice and beans. Both are chock full of complex carbohydrates (chains of saccharides which take longer for the body to break down and which provide a better energy source than simple carbs like table sugar). Both are great sources of fiber and contain lots of water. Beans are said to contain lots of helpful phytochemicals, compounds in plants which protect against oxidation or other inflammation-producing processes.

So, I pulled out ye olde pressure cooker for the rice. The beans came from a BPA-free can. On the side, some delicious wine roasted mushrooms.


Below: I put a piece of dried kombu seaweed in the pressure cooker with the rice. It lends the rice a body and depth of flavor that you can’t achieve with rice alone.



Below: Fresh thyme for the mushrooms. A plug here for Central Market: I love them! I am primarily a Wheatsville co-op shopper, but Central Market has a better mushroom selection. Plus, I love how you can get a small bunch of fresh herbs for $1.50 instead of having to buy an unnecessarily large quantity for double that price (such as at a certain publicly traded national organic food purveyor).




Below: Look at the caramelization of the roasted mushrooms! I deglazed it with some white wine and dissolved the glaze, creating a wonderful sauce.




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