Paring Knife

A paring knife is so handy. Peeling ginger, mincing garlic, trimming collard greens from the garden. I just love it. I picked up this little number from the Ace Mart Restaurant Supply.

Holding a quality knife makes you feel like you can take on anything in the kitchen. I love the heft of a good knife — it’s weight let’s me know that it will last and that it’s steel is strong. I love using a knife more than other tools in the kitchen which might be faster because it connects me with the food more. It demands of me precision and deftness. A mandoline or food processor produce more uniformity but are more utilitarian. A knife has a certain artistry; it’s the tool of a craftsman.

I actually shopped around a bit for paring knives because there are two ways I hold one depending on how I’m using it. I needed a handle that offered me control regardless of how I held the knife. This one got the job because it was tall and wide enough. Others were too thin or shaped with an arc.




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