Onions in Agrodolce Sauce

I love onions. Sweet, tangy, a bit of crispness, bold flavor. I love them raw, softened a bit, or caramelized.I love that they are high in fiber, vitamin C, folate and are promising as a cancer preventer (1, 2).

The recipe I cooked from today was from Big Vegan and called for blanching the onions for five minutes in salted water, then glazing them with a sweet vinegar sauce. Agrodolce is Italian for “sour sweet”.

Below: Cippolini onions. These are larger cippolini onions; others are very small like pearl onions (about the size of large marbles). So instead of using tiny onions, which I didn’t have, I chopped the onions into medium sized pieces.



Below: The agrodolce sauce before cooking. It consists of sugar, balsamic vinegar and water.



Below: The finished onion dish. It was indeed “sour sweet.” I liked the flavor a lot. The texture was just okay; I would have liked to have had the tiny cippolinis for a larger onion crunch and a bit more onion flavor. I think next time I want to try and cook down the sauce to achieve a thicker consistency.


Below: I roasted crimini mushrooms – this time with celery and onion.



(1) http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/vegetables-and-vegetable-products/2501/2

(2) http://breastcancer.about.com/od/cancerfightingfoods/a/alliums_onions.htm


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