Thai sandwich

I decided to visit my old friend gluten to see how my body would handle it after a year of being gluten free. So far, mixed but encouraging results. One benefit is that I get to eat a classic French baguette. It looks beautiful, smells beautiful, and feels beautiful. When toasted, it becomes something even more magical. Crusty, aromatic, warm, and golden, the baguette is an icon of the French culture. Baguettes are ubiquitous in South Louisiana, where I grew up, and where they were slathered with not-so-healthy, but delicious, mayo, cabbage, and fried shrimp.

I decided to cobble together a Thai-inspired sandwich on a baguette, which was introduced to Thailand by the French. This sandwich, a take off the Thai banh mi, included:

  • peanut butter
  • fish sauce
  • carrot
  • kale (not traditional, but I wanted something to replace the typical meat filling)
  • cilantro
  • green onion
  • sriracha sauce








5 thoughts on “Thai sandwich

  1. Wow! Were you actually diagnosed with celiac or just have some sort of sensitivity? It is a very big step from no gluten to a wheat flour product…I am trying to get rid of celiac, but I´m taking it very very easy, starting with stuff like whole oats or oatmeal or whole barley…I don´t risk anything from wheat, especially not flour. Sometimes we also don´t react immediately, but then it can take a long time to get the intestinal walls back in shape 😀

    • No, I was never diagnosed with celiac. A nutritionist advised me to stop eating gluten on the basis of a genetic test and his assessment that I had signs of dermatitis herpetiformis, but that “diagnosis” is now questionable in my mind. So far I have noticed mild symptoms, including mouth ulcers, but I am going to continue to monitor the situation. I’m curious to know what symptoms you have had and how you came to be diagnosed.

      • Oh ok, I see, well I was diagnosed with celiac a couple of years ago, that´s why I am really careful…I had very unspecific symptoms – headaches, fatigue…they did a lot of blood tests on me and one was for celiac. I then had biopsy as well to confirm it. What I see today is that I had (and still have) an overly acidic condition with bo healthy intestinal flora, so almost all food started to be a trigger. I am trying to heal this general condition and celiac is one part of the picture. I wrote a long article about my health struggles in my blog some days ago.

  2. I never tested it… but my extreme diet (aka normal western diet) must have caused the acidity which produced my allergies. It´s just applying the knowledge of macrobiotics to my own body. See what you eat, see your diseases, and you can get a good picture of cause and effect…

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