Restaurant: Beets

I hadn’t visited Beets, Austin’s premier raw food restaurant, since it opened a few years ago, so I decided to stop by a few times and try a few of their menu items. I scanned Yelp and consulted a friend for tips, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Eating raw is a great way to eat nutritiously. This is because whole, unprocessed foods have the most nutrients. Processing of foods, which often includes harsh cooking techniques, results in overly refined foods from which the best nutrients have been stripped. Cooking also removes the water from food, so you end up eating way more calories because you don’t have the water content of the food to help fill you up. You don’t have to go 100% raw to get these benefits. Just increase the amount of raw plant-based foods you eat each day.

Below: The carrot soup is my favorite thing on the menu. It hits you with carrot, subtle orange flavor, and ginger. The soup is very opaque without being very thick, which are things I love about it. Sweet and complex, it’s a must have on any visit.



Below: One thing that’s striking about Beets is how perfectly clean and bright it is. It’s a perfect complement to the restaurant’s mission and reminder of the health benefits that come from eating the natural and living foods on Beets’ menu.


Below: The marinated mushroom and sauerkraut Reuben. They use a wonderful, chilled seed dressing.


Below: The raw chalupas (yes, saying something is “raw” at Beets is duplicative, but come on – RAW chalupas!). The guacamole was cool and flavorful and the white sour “cream” drizzled on top was very close in flavor to the real thing, including the signature tang of sour cream.


Below: Raw cinnamon roll. Yum!


Below: Raw, nut butter based “cheesecake.” Peppermint cheesecake at that. Wow! A holiday treat with bright peppermint, creamy and true-to-form cheesecake flavor, and a nice crust.


Beets is not a cheap place to dine, nor is it expensive. Considering the quality of the food, the care with which it’s prepared, and the nutritious benefits you get from eating it compared to the processed gruel you get in other establishments, you are getting more than a fair deal. Hopefully, Beets can inspire you to eat more raw plant-based foods at home and improve your health and well being for a lifetime.


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