Garbanzo Fritters with Romesco Sauce

Still working my way through recipes in Big Vegan. This time, I took on the chickpea fritters and the Romesco sauce. The fritters, being fried, may not be the healthiest item in the book, but for a party, they make great finger food. And the Romesco sauce pairs beautifully with them, for a rich roasted red pepper flavor.

Below: This recipe did not call for smoked paprika, but regular paprika was used. The smoked paprika was in another dish I was making, and it was a spice I plan to use more of in the future!


Below: Beginning to make the paste of garbanzo flour, cumin, salt, and water. The mixture had to sit in the fridge for one hour so the flour could soak up the water.




Below: Garlic, green onions, and spinach went in to add flavor and color to the fritters.





Below: Fritters with the Romesco sauce. Delicious!



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