$3 Knife Sharpening

I went to the Barton Square farmer’s market to follow up on what seems like a fabulous deal – $3 for a professional knife sharpening. I brought my 8″ chef’s knife down for a fresh edge.

The sharpening begins with a fine grit sanding using a high speed belt (shown in the photo below, the belt on the right). It finishes with a sanding with an ultra fine grit on the left-side machine. I could not feel any level of grit when I touched the soft leather belt on the left, but it has something like a 4000 grit-clay combination on it.



I used to think that a sharpening steel, such as the one pictured below, was the way to sharpen a knife. A sharpening steel, however, is only used to hone the blade, which means that the tiny curvatures and burrs that develop in the edge over several uses are merely straightened out.

This is a knife sharpening steel.

Image via Wikipedia


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