Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is very useful in salad dressings and has been used as a folk remedy for a number of ailments, so I found it intriguing to see that it’s being marketed as a grab-and-go beverage.

According to WebMD, apple cider vinegar has shown some promise in promoting wellness in a variety of ways: blood sugar management, cholesterol lowering, weight control, and cancer treatment. WebMD also cited a study which indicated that vinegar is associated with increased bladder cancer risk and reminds readers that none of these studies are conclusive enough to warrant encouragement to consume vinegar to gain any health benefits.

Miracle cure or not, the apple cider vinegar is certainly costlier than water, and contains a bit of sugar, although not much. I’ll enjoy some of it as an occasional, possibly health-fostering, treat.



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