New and Good: Louisiana Kumquats

Whoa! Kumquats?

“What the heck is a kumquat?” is the question that I didn’t even know I had, but that I simultaneously had to have answered as soon as I saw them in the store.


How to Eat?

I tried eating them by cutting them in half and squeezing the pulp and juice out. This actually worked pretty well; the contents oozed out very nicely. It was like a mini orange with more sourness, none of the white pith, and about the same level of sweetness. And very citrusy.

When I noticed the thin skin, I decided to try eating the kumquat whole. This was very pleasant. It offered more of the citrus flavor and a new element of texture which was completely welcome. The skin was very edible, and I suspect that it’s the custom to eat it (an internet scan confirmed this). What’s more, the seeds are very easy to chew and are not intrusive at all. That’s good, because they’d be a pain to remove from this tiny fruit.


Kumquats are high in vitamin C and fiber. Eating the skin helps in the fiber department, I imagine. And to top it all off, Ladies Home Journal, a fine publication if I ever did see one, says kumquats and all citrus fruits have liminoids, a micronutrient I had never heard of until today, in their rinds. According to the USDA, liminoids are protective against cancer.


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