Field Trip: Penzey’s Spices

Aromatic. Enigmatic. Stimulating.

These are not just words that describe an evening in my kitchen, but they are aptly used to describe Penzey’s Spices, a newcomer to Austin’s foodie scene (4400 N. Lamar, just a bit north of Central Market).

Penzey’s reportedly sources the finest spices and grinds them just before shipping, which means they arrive in a more robust state and they last longer. Huzzah! *

* Huzzah means I’m excited. It also means that Penzey’s spices cost a little bit more than HEB’s spices.


Below: One of about four difference cinnamons in the store. Every spice has a smell jar (on the left) that you can open and use to sample that spice. What fun! (Note – Human lungs were not meant to process cinnamon in the same way they process oxygen. Keep a safe distance when inhaling).



Below: Shallot salt smelled so good, I grabbed up a little jar of it.



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