Field Trip: 5 Mile Farms

While strolling along North Loop Rd. near Burnet Rd., I happened upon this sign. I like farms, so I checked it out.


The sign belongs to 5-Mile Farms, which is a project of Resolution Gardens, an Austin-based project to localize our food supply. 5-Mile Farms keeps retail hours during the week (see their website) and also sells at the HOPE farmer’s market (Sundays in East Austin).

What’s cool about 5-Mile Farms? It’s a farm right in the city! Yes, there’s Boggy Creek Farms and Springdale Farm, but this one is right in prime real estate near Burnet Road. Very cool.

Below: Rainbow chard.


Below: I love this quote. It’s pretty well sums up why I chose to attend The Natural Epicurean culinary school.


Below: A lovely broccoli on the stalk. It’s amazing to me how little broccoli comes from such a huge, leafy plant! Maybe they cut off some of the crowns before I got there.


Below: Not sure what this is. A variety of kale perhaps? Maybe small-ish chard leaves. Any guesses? The farmers were not present when I visited (a caretaker let me in).


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