Secrets of the Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer

I’ve been reading and meditating on the topic of success and having power over one’s life. As part of this exploration, I listened to the audiobook, Secrets of The Power of Intention, by Wayne Dyer.

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Wayne Dyer is a motivational philosopher who writes and speaks as a way to help people realize the vast power they have in their lives. He seeks to help people achieve peace and abundance.

I am starting to understand and believe in the idea of connections among all beings and things in the universe, and Dyer’s messages really resonate with me, especially at the stage I’m currently in as a career/life changer.

Here are a few bullet takeaways from the audiobook that I found meaningful:

  • We are connected to everything via energy. The way to get something is by first realizing that you are already connected to everything, including all of the things you desire. He refers to this central connection as The Source.
  • Say to yourself – I want to feel good. God wants you to feel good. Dyer equates God with Good, and also with The Source – the creative source of all things.
  • Serving others has been scientifically shown to benefit you just as much as being served. Receiving kindness is no more beneficial than doing kindness.
  • Everything that you want is already part of you.
  • When you are really connected with The Source, everything conspires to bring you where you need to go.
  • When you are feeling disconnected, resistant, and out of sorts – you can just envision yourself being carried by The Source. It brings people and things and opportunity into your life. Just plug into The Source and realize that it will bring what you need. This is not the same thing as saying you can sit back and wait for good things to happen, however.
  • People who are connected the The Source feel that they MUST be anything they can be. If you have the potential, you feel compelled to realize it when you are connected with Source energy.
  • There are no accidents. This is one of the things you believe when connected with the source. Everything that happens is supposed to happen.This sounds fatalistic and if you aren’t fully plugged in, you might think that it means you should passively wait for things to happen. But to me, it is VERY empowering because it means that there are signals about what is coming my way. It means that when I see a signal, I am empowered to push even harder to follow through on that signal because it’s what the universe wants for me.
  • People connected to Source energy never say no to the universe. They always receive things that come to them – good or bad – with gratitude and an attitude of “how can I learn from this”?
  • It’s known in quantum physics that the act of observing quantum particles changes their nature. He hypothesizes that the attitude we bring to the events that happen to us and the circumstances presented before us, actually change them.
  • Max Planck said he’s studied atoms and matter and that there is no matter as such, just energy. This aligns with Dyer’s views.
  • The ego. Because we are connected to everything, the ego is anything that makes you think you’re separate from The Source. When you see yourself as a function of what you own or of how people see you, that is ego. It makes you forget that you are connected to everything.
  • Imagine yourself surrounded by the conditions and results that you intend to create. Happiness, success, whatever you want for yourself – envision that you already have it.
  • Instead of focusing on what you don’t like about your life, focus on what you want to achieve. It’s not the same thing as saying “my life is great and I’m so happy” when it’s not. It IS saying that you can focus on the things you desire. One thing I have been thinking about is “I am looking forward to creating a new career for myself.” Another mantra is “All things lead to my success.”

What do you think? How do Dyer’s thoughts align with your own beliefs and values? Do his ideas excite you as much as they do me?


4 thoughts on “Secrets of the Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer

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