Baked Tofu with Soy Marinade

I had a delightful experience with some baked, marinated tofu recently. It was dense, meaty, and had a great creamy soy-based sauce.

A quick Internet search showed that baked tofu is marinated for 0-60 minutes and typically baked for 30 minutes at 375 degrees, with a flip of the tofu occurring halfway through cooking. I whipped up a soy-based marinade and tried three different marinating times: 0, 10, and 30 minutes.

The tofu marinated for 30 minutes was the best tasting. They all had a nice crust on the outside and a brown color that I found appealing.

Below: A block of extra firm tofu, ready to be loved.


Below: Hello? Protein, fiber, cancer inhibiting phytochemicals? Is that you, calling? Why, yes, I’d love some!


Below: My ace team of flavor professionals, lined up and ready to deliver a precision strike of deliciousness.


Below: Le Ziploc, helping marinate the tofu. The vacuum sealed juices help keep the tofu completely surrounded.


Below: All of the tofu I cooked in this session came out with a crispy texture on the outside, which is a nice contrast to tofu’s out-of-the-container not-so-fun texture (hey, just because I love plant-based food doesn’t mean I don’t like a nice crust).


Below: The new star of my sauce lineup – Ohsawa Shoyu. Intended for the discerning palate…oh, who am I kidding. It’s more expensive than regular soy sauce and it does have a more mature flavor. It’s not as harsh as other soy sauces I’ve had. It just might become a staple.


Below: Browned, crusted tofu, sauteed veggies (broccoli right from the garden), and my new favorite soy sauce. A lovely photo, delicious flavors, and a nutritious plate. I love it when a meal comes together! The browned tofu has a lovely appearance.


7 thoughts on “Baked Tofu with Soy Marinade

  1. This looks delicious. Amother cool but healthy soy sauce replacement is Braggs liquid aminos. You shod give it a try sometime.

  2. Nice blog, gives me inspiration to try to eat more vegan(been a lakto-ovo-vegetarian for 12 years). But I don’t think I’ll ever give up gluten, I love to bake my own sourdough bread…
    Malin from Sweden

  3. ooOOooOOoh Oshawa Shoyu.. I havent seen that before! Where did you get it in town? Ill be needing to replenish my stock soon 🙂 So, what was your cooking technique to get that great crust?
    I’m looking forward to reading your posts regarding the talks by W. Spears. Thanks for posting this! I miss bread too : /

    • I got the shoyu at wheatsville – good stuff!

      As for the tofu, a 10 minute marinate in soy sauce, bake for 30 minutes around 375, and flip halfway during cooking. It looks and tasted great. 🙂

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