The Green Onion on Career Change

I saw a green onion growing in the middle of my backyard and I’m not sure how it got there. It made me think – why is it there? How did it get there? Doesn’t it know that the garden is 7 feet away? We didn’t even plant green onions anyway.

But when I thought more, I realized:

  • The green onion does not ask “do I have a right to use this sunlight and water?”
  • The green onion does not ask “can I take this space to grow in?”
  • The green onion, when it germinates, does not ask if it has the right to become a green onion.
  • The green onion does not fret about being accidentally mowed over or stepped on.

The green onion simply grows where it’s planted or where it’s seed happens to fall. It understands that the universe provides abundance and that it’s only job as a green onion is to accept what’s provided. Why do we question our deepest desires? Why do we get confused and hesitate to follow them? The green onion says:

  • Go for it!
  • Realize there is plenty of room for your desires in this world
  • No matter where you are, you can start moving toward your greatest purpose
  • Take care of yourself first, then you will have the reserves to help others

Then, I cut off part of it, sliced it up, and put it into a salad. And it was delicious.


2 thoughts on “The Green Onion on Career Change

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