Thai Fresh Cooking Class

I’ve had varying degrees of success creating Thai dishes at home (I have tried coconut fish soup, and another time a curry), so I was incredibly excited to see a Groupon deal for a Thai class for two at Thai Fresh. I’ve eaten there several times and have found the food to be exceptionally flavorful and satisfying. The chance to learn from owner Jam Sanichat was too good to bypass!

The class agenda included some Thai “greatest hits”: Green curry, Pad Thai, sweet coconut rice, and coconut soup. There were about 14 of us in the group. Jam set up space for us in the Thai Fresh kitchen for us to prep our food, which we then ate!

Below: The prep area where the class took place.


Below: Some of the ingredients we used in the class. We cooked with chicken in this class, but Jam also does a vegetarian version of this same class, which is easy to do because none of the dishes relies heavily on animal protein. In fact, Thai Fresh usually offers just as many vegetarian options as those containing animal protein. Jam did mention, however, that fish sauce is used in a significant majority of traditional Thai recipes.


Below: Jam (center) discusses coconut milk while the group listens intently. Jam shared a lot of knowledge with us about Thai ingredients and food preparation.


Below: A cilantro-based sauce that we added to the coconut soup.


Below: Wow! Silky, warm, salty, sweet, and aromatic – the coconut soup was a great starter. And, by the way, we cooked it. 🙂


Below: Green curry. I believe I learned what I needed to finally take my Thai curries to the next level. Very excited!


Below: Jam’s favorite curry paste, Mae Sri (left below), is also the one I’ve found to be best. Great minds think alike!


Below: Jam discusses proper soaking of rice noodles for a pad Thai. Let me say that Jam is just a super nice person. She was very enthusiastic and thoughtful. She was also very patient and engaging – a great teacher.


Below: Stirring the rice noodles. This was the only time during the whole class when Jam had to step in an show us proper technique. Otherwise, the class participants did all of the chopping and hands-on work. A fair amount of the prep was done in advance to save time, but that allowed us to focus on learning more contextual details about each dish.


Below: The completed pad Thai dish. It included fairly unknown ingredients for me such as tamarind water and Thai green onions. At the bottom of the photo, you can see the sweet coconut rice.



Thai fresh has a selection of house-made ice creams, most of which are vegan and made from coconut base. Flavors include ginger lemongrass and Thai basil. Woo!


Below: Ice cream was served as part of the class. In all, we got a full meal, ice cream, and an outstanding lesson for about $60 per person. We paid half that, really, because of Groupon, but even at full price it’s a good deal.


Below: Thai Fresh also has a small collection of grocery items for sale, including this Thai soy sauce.




So, check out Thai Fresh. They have great food, nice people, and terrific classes!

Below: Thai Fresh serves food from this cooled delicatessen case. You can see everything they have on offer that day. If you want your food heated, it needs to be microwaved, but you can eat it cold, as well.



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