Weekend Reflection

It has been an eventful week. Five days of classes, lots of reading about cooking and food, a Thai cooking class, getting to know my classmates more, figuring out the logistics of the classroom, learning the various roles in the cooking labs, and getting my daily routine set. I’ve also had some successes and um, learning experiences in my home kitchen. For example, I tried replicating a braised squash recipe from class and it was a disappointment. The next day, I used The Flavor Bible to assemble a new favorite salad combination (orange, walnut, raisin, and thyme tossed with light greens).

Much of this week, I have reflected on my future. Some of my classmates have very clear intentions upon graduating. Others have not determined their goals yet. My intentions are likewise not yet well defined. I am looking forward to gaining mastery of the cooking methods and developing my creative skills. I want to use my knowledge to help others lead more healthful lives. There is much time to further refine my goals, but the sooner I flesh that out, the better. Time feels short and I find myself reminding myself to remain centered and be patient and focused on my short-term goals. In addition to more reflection time, I wish there was more time in the day to try all of the recipes and techniques I’ve seen in the past week.

One more thing I will have to make more time for: exercise. I’ve eaten some excellent food this week and too much of it. 🙂



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