Good News and Good Stuff

Great news! I have agreed to cater a weekend retreat for about 20 people in June. I am very excited thinking about menu options. I love the people involved and I love this idea – it’s the type of work I really want to do.

Another fun tidbit – I am volunteering at Casa de Luz this Friday and I’ll get a free meal at lunch. I’m very excited to get into their kitchen. I love their food and this local macrobiotic restaurant was instrumental in inspiring my career change and attendance at The Natural Epicurean.

I picked up a couple of goodies at my local food co-op, Wheatsville, since they have 10% off during owner appreciation days. I love being an owner of my local food co-op – it makes me feel more a part of the community and I love the idea of community ownership of business. Bonus points if you can identify the device in the photo below, which I was very excited to acquire.


I also decided to try a new calcium supplement. I wanted one with magnesium since Radhia, our nutrition teacher, told us that you should include magnesium in your calcium supplements at a 1:1 ratio. The Rainbow Light brand fit the bill nicely.



5 thoughts on “Good News and Good Stuff

  1. Calcium Citrate is a better choice for supplementation, but the best way to get the calcium for strong dense bones is…dark leafy greens! You know the deal…Swiss chard, beet greens, spinach and etc.
    Teen girls especially eat lots of dark leafy greens form age 15 thru 25 when bone density is established. Otherwise, aging could be a nightmare on the bones.

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