Potatoes with Chef Marko Ellinger

Chef Marko Ellinger is a local chef who came in to show us a variety of techniques with potatoes. He brings a lot of industry experience and is always quick to remind us of the realities of a food production business. At the same time, he has a lot of creativity and knowledge, and like all of the teachers at The Natural Epicurean, he has an easy going demeanor.

Below: Chef Marko works on a potatoes au gratin recipe.


Below: I made these gnocci. Gnocci is made from potato, some wheat flour, and often some herbs, eggs, and cheese. This was one of the rare occasions when I ate something we made in class which contained wheat. My body did pretty well with the wheat, but I did notice some of the familiar symptoms that tend to come up a few days later. One great thing about the school is that I always have the option to not partake in wheat ingredients, and usually wheat-free is the default preparation (e.g., tamari instead of soy sauce).


Below: Chef Marko prepared a carrot coulis for the gnocci. Good stuff!


Below: Chef Marko showed us a couple of plating options for new and fingerling potatoes.


Below: The potatoes au gratin, which included sweet potatoes, shown at bottom.


Nutrition Lecture

One of the topics we covered today was body mass index. Mine has been going up lately with all of the good food I have been cooking at school and home! Additionally, I’ve gone out to a few delicious eateries recently to keep my palate trained on what excellent food tastes like. Good thing I ran up to Mount Bonnell today!

Below: Calculating my body mass index.



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