Iron Chef – Locavore Edition

On Tuesday, Chef Rachel challenged us with preparing a unified set of dishes from produce from a Johnson’s Backyard Garden CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box, which was a fun challenge since we had no recipes to cook from. A CSA box is a box of produce from a farm or collection of farms and it’s a way of supporting locally produced food. My team decided on an Italian theme and we made a white pizza with beet “pepperonis,” a red leaf salad with mint and citrus, and a carrot cake. Of course, we knocked it out of the park. đŸ™‚

Below: The goodies from Johnson’s Backyard Garden.


A photographer from Johnson’s Backyard Garden showed up to shoot our use of their CSA boxes. Chard, Brussels sprouts greens, beets, mint, carrots, and more were included in this week’s box. The Natural Epicurean has been a heavy user of Johnson’s produce – we cook with it every day – and it’s nice to know that the school buys locally, so the produce is fresh, in season, and has minimal ecological impact from transportation.

Below: Photographer from Johnson’s Backyard Garden and a woman taking notes on our handiwork while Chef Rachel (center) looks on.


Below: Some quinoa-stuffed tomatoes.


Below: My team’s beet-pepperoni pizza (left), carrot cake (center), and citrus salad (above the cake).


Below: An artfully assembled de-constructed beet-chard salad.


Below: Me with two classmates after a successful morning of cooking. Fun! (Photo from Rachel Zierzow’s Facebook page.)

4 thoughts on “Iron Chef – Locavore Edition

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    • Sadly, all I made was the salad and the pie crust and those were pretty much off the cuff, so I’m not sure I have much useful info. In fact, everything was unscripted. The salad was just a seasonal lettuce dressed in almost 100% orange juice with some grapefruit juice and a bit of olive oil. The pie crust was gluten free: 3/4 c rice flour, 3/4 c garbanzo flour, an egg, a bit of Earth Balance, and a tablespoon or so of cold water. All pulsed in a food processor until crumbly, then pressed into a pie plate. As for the filling, I believe it was mainly cashews and almonds with almond milk, blended in a Vita Mix with salt until smooth. Some herbs were added. The pepperonis were thinly shaved beet rounds. All of it was baked for about 20-30 minutes.

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