Omelets and Eggs II

Eggs are really common in the culinary world – baking, breakfast, brunch, desserts, soups, etc, so it’s not strange that we’d spend a good bit of time working with them. So, we made frittatas and omelets on Wednesday to continue perfecting our technique.

Green Cookware

The school purchased some new non-stick cookware for our omelets class. The Cuisinart hard anodized “green” pans were super slick and apparently can tolerate high heat without emitting dangerous fumes, unlike typical non-stick cookware which must be used at low to moderate heat levels. They were really nice to work with.


Below: Chef Rosa did an omelet demonstration before she let us loose making our own.


Below: A frittata with some succulent melon balls.



Below: A really nice herby omelet with a spinach salad.


Eggs Demonstration

In the afternoon, Chef Alex demonstrated several recipes for us Wednesday and gave us some hands-on work, as well. I got to try my hand at using a blow torch to finish off some crema Catalana, which is similar to creme brulee.

Below: Chef Alex demonstrated plating a poached egg with some toast dusted with za’atar, a middle Eastern blend of dried sumac and sesame seeds.



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