Souffles and Quiches

How I Learned to Make Crust

Quiche and souffle class started with my team being assigned a deep dish quiche recipe. The dough had been made in advance, so I rolled it out and put it into the springform pan below…


But…the dough began to fall apart in the oven. It was too greasy. So…even though it was going to put us behind, I had to make a crust from scratch. Luckily, we had the recipe. A cup of flour, a half-cup of corn meal, a stick of butter (Earth Balance, in this case), and some salt and sugar. I made up the crust but it came out too oily. We consulted the recipe and realized we’d made a mistake with our ingredients and added too much Earth Balance. So…I made a second crust, which turned out great. The result: I can make a quiche crust with no recipe. Repetition is a great way to learn!

Below: Some nice mini-quiches with purple carrots.


Below: Egg roulade.


Below: Chocolate souffles made by my team. Very delicious!


Below: A really nice presentation of mini-quiches.



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