Pour Some Sugar on Me: Muffins, Cakes, Crepes, and Pancakes

Every now and then, even a healing/natural foods cook will need to whip up a sweet treat for a client. Nothing is quite like a fresh carrot cake or a fluffy pancake. Of course, if you spend all day making such quick bread techniques and tasting them, you might get a bit sugar overloaded. Ah, how we suffer for our art!

The Gluten Angle…

We used quite a bit of spelt during our muffin lab, which contains less gluten than wheat flour so I gave it a try to see how it affected me. I didn’t have any immediate reaction, but then again with me it never is immediate. We shall see what unfolds in the fullness of time…

Below: Tools of the muffin-making trade.




Below: A gluten-free muffin with cranberries. We used a gluten-free all purpose flour for these guys.


Pancakes and Crepes with Chef Marko

In the afternoon, we made some crepes and pancakes with Chef Marko. We used the new Cuisinart ceramic-coated Teflon-free non-stick pans and I am continually impressed with them.

Chef Marko encouraged us to try gluten-free crepes, which is a challenge because the gluten helps the thin crepes hang together. However, our buckwheat crepes did just fine (buckwheat has no gluten). My three-person team whipped up an improvised filling for our crepes using papaya, tamarind, ginger, and cilantro.

Below: Chef Marko making a particularly savory point during the crepe demonstration.


Below: My team’s buckwheat crepe with papaya tamarind filling.




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