Ice Creams and Sorbets

After a morning spent discussing nutrition with Radhia on Tuesday, we were well primed for some sugary sorbets, custards, and ice creams. 😛  Actually, the prior day’s quick breads and muffins had most of us still recovering from the sugar overload, so we were braced for a barrage of sweetness Tuesday afternoon.

I have found that eating brown rice and greens is a great way to counteract high sugar intake, so I’ve been eating that for dinner this week. One of the benefits is that it’s been easy to wake up on time and I have good energy in the morning. Ah, real food!

Truth be told, although I wasn’t looking to eat more sugar Tuesday, I was looking forward to learning to make sorbet and other frozen-type desserts. As it turns out, making these desserts is very easy and produces pretty impressive results. Soon it will be time for macrobiotic and raw food classes and life will be great. 🙂

Below: I am stirring a coconut custard base (top) and a coconut frosting (below).


Below: Some blackberries and lavender that I used to make a quick sauce.


Below: Excellent gluten-free Florentine cookies!  Chewy, orange-zesty – me likey! 


Below: Some vegan mocha mousse with a coconut butter, almond meal crumble. 


Below: Our blackberry pear sorbet (bottom) and coconut creme custard with coconut caramel (top). Surprisingly, the custard did not have much of a coconut taste. Sometimes you can get tired of coconut, but it’s such a versatile ingredient for vegans to use as a replacement for cream, butter, or milk, that it gets a lot of use in the kitchen.




Below: A quick video showing a walk around the kitchen during the final minutes of our sorbet lab session. It shows the controlled chaos of finalizing our dishes for plating!

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