Pastries and Quicker Breads

Wednesday started with a pastries lab that included sweet and savory pastries. We made scones, pies, tarts, and empanadas.

I made an empanada dough (from regular wheat flour) and it was really loose. I was worried that the dough would not hold together, but I chilled it according to the recipe and that helped a lot. I don’t do much baking, so working with dough is pretty unfamiliar to me, so these labs are really useful for me to advance my knowledge.

Some of the recipes we worked with were gluten free, so I got to enjoy those. One of my favorites was a gluten-free pear pie. Mmm!

Below: Chef Alex did a demonstration of fruit crostadas.




Below: Blueberry lemon scones.



Below: We cooked down five pounds of spinach with some mushrooms and garlic for savory empanadas. Five pounds is a lot, as you can see.




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