Cookies, Bars and Flatbreads

Monday Lab: Flatbreads

Flatbreads are pretty self explanatory – we’re talking about breads which are “flat” or that aren’t risen using a leavening agent such as baking powder or yeast. Or, if they are leavened, then it’s to a far less degree than typical bread. Falling into the flatbread category are crackers, pita bread, and naan (an Indian style bread). Tortillas also are considered a flatbread.

The other Natural Epicurean students and I also prepared a selection of sides to complement our breads. I was so proud – I created an Indian dal completely from scratch with no recipe. I just sauteed some garlic and ginger in oil, then added cumin, garam masala, and clove powders. Then added some split red lentils and stirred them to coat them in spices. Then I covered the lentils in water to simmer. Bam. Group A* tasted it and said it was pretty darn good.

* To clarify, half of the students in my track are assigned to Group A and half to Group B. We occasionally are in the same space together, and we lunch together, but otherwise when Group A is in lab, Group B is in the lecture kitchen and vice versa. There are the occasional jokes between groups about which is superior, but it’s all lighthearted and we all mix pretty well. I believe the school is going to change up the groups at some point, too.

Below: One of the teams in Group B made a giant pitcher of a fruity drink for us to enjoy while we ate our flatbreads. Very refreshing.


Below: A quick review of the plated dishes for flatbreads class.

Below: Chef Rosa leads a critique of the flatbread cooking.


Cookies and Bars

Last week was a bit much with the sweet treats and bread, so starting Monday off with cookies and bars felt like a scary blast from the past for about a minute, then we got into the cooking and tasting. And tasting. And tasting.

Below: Somewhere in there (third from bottom) are some delish gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. Ahh.



Below: Shaping Linzer cookies. 



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