Raw Food Introduction

On Tuesday, we started our Raw Food course work. So, I celebrated by juicing up a nice glass of carrot juice…


Before we could get to our first raw lecture, we had a review of our nutrition notes in preparation for a Thursday test. Thiamin, glucose, and fibrinogen anyone?


Raw Lecture I

The Natural Epicurean students are being treated to raw food instruction by Alicia Ojeda, a raw food expert who was a key menu developer for local Beets Cafe and the person behind EZRawFood101.com. She attended the Living Light institute, a raw food school, and has tons of culinary experience. Alicia has a passion for raw food and even better, she exudes energy and vitality. Plus she’s super nice. She’s a walking advertisement for the raw food lifestyle.

I am particularly interested in raw food because of how much sugar and bread we’ve been eating lately. Raw food is a great way to detoxify the body of processed food, get nutrient-dense foods into your body, improve your acid-alkaline balance, and improve your energy levels. Raw food is defined as any food that is eaten without ever having been raised to a temperature above 118 degrees, which protects the food’s intrinsic nutrients and enzymes. Sign me up!

Below: Alicia Ojeda, during our first raw food lecture.


Below: Some of the seed and bean sprouts we’ll be exploring in a future lecture.



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