Raw Intro Continued

Mid Term!

So, there is going to be a mid-term “exam” in two weeks. What does a mid-term look like in culinary school? Well, we have to develop a four-course menu using seasonal ingredients, include some enticing descriptions and basic nutritional information, and then a couple of days later (May 2 and 3) we cook the menu by ourselves for our instructors to critique. Sounds fun, right?!

Raw Food Introduction Continued

Chef Alicia pulled out the big guns on Wednesday to show us how awesome raw food can be. Some frozen bananas + a little raw chocolate mousse + a couple of kitchen gadgets = awesome raw ice “cream.” Sooo good!

Below: Chef Alicia talking about how avocados will lend creaminess to the chocolate mousse. She made a cacao version and a carob version – both excellent.



Below: Using an auger-style juicer to extrude some frozen bananas. Basically it mashed them into a creamy paste which is exactly like ice cream in texture.


Below: Raw banana ice cream with two versions of chocolate mousse and celery. The celery has natural salt to enhance the flavors. Plus it made a nice spoon. Except I kept eating my “spoon.”¬†



In our introductory lectures, the instructors typically expose us to typical and unique ingredients that we will come across. Chef Alicia shared with us some cacao beans and goji berries, both rich in antioxidants. The cacao bean was very chocolaty, but also fairly bitter. I liked knowing that it was an unadulterated plant product and so in a way I liked it better than typical dark chocolate.

Below: Cacao bean.


Below: Dried goji berries.



I got a new thermometer to replace my analog dial-faced one. The digital is much faster and has a larger range. Sadly, it’s about three feet long and looks weird in my chef coat pocket. Still trying to figure out how to stash it on my person during class.



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