Kale Chips, Pates, and Spreads – All Raw

We continued our foray into raw food by making some raw sauces and dips.

It’s common for people to look for creamy and/or cheesy dips and spreads when they are at a social function – the fats and umami flavors of cheese garner a lot of desire, it seems. The dips and spreads we made were designed to mimic those flavors, as well as other familiar dishes such as cheese spread, hummus, and ketchup.

Below: Spiced cheese spread on crudites. The cheese flavor was very good on this dish.


Below: A creamy spinach dip with avocado (top). There is also a spicy brown mustard on the left which I loved – it was very reminiscent of wasabi.


Below: A pumpkin seed pate.



Below: Checking in on a couple kombucha batches.


Below: Chef Alicia made some kale chips with us. So delicious! Kale chips are made by massaging an acidic liquid into them to soften them (soy sauce is common) and dehydrating them until crisp. Here are some kale chips in a dehydrating machine.



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