Field Trip: Optimum Health Institute

Sunday, Chef Alicia took us to the Optimum Health Institute (OHI) for a tour. OHI is a health fostering retreat center where participants heal by juicing wheatgrass and eating a simple raw foods diet. The standard visit is three weeks, based on the premise that it takes 21 days to fully cleanse the body.

OHI is one of the sites where Natural Epicurean students could do their externships – helping in the kitchen or the wheatgrass growing room. It looks like a great facility for people who are making healing through clean foods a priority in their lives.

Below: An OHI staff member shows us around the complex.


Below: OHI has several food dehydrators running to make raw crackers and flatbreads for OHI guests.


Below: OHI and this blog recognize a great quote when they see it.


Below: The OHI main room is pretty cushy. It looks like a pretty relaxing place to detoxify yourself.


Below: The wheatgrass room.


Below: Video of the wheatgrass room. They juice a LOT of wheatgrass at OHI. Eat person juices two ounces of wheatgrass twice a day.

Below: Here’s the Sunday dinner served to us on our tour. A raw butternut soup in the middle, surrounded by sprouted red lentils, sauerkraut, and spinach salad. There is also some sprouts and dehydrated crackers. Very bland, but very cleansing. The crackers were actually pretty good and the soup had a nice hint of nutmeg.



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