Raw Lasagna

Monday we discussed how we could take the premise of “raw food” and apply it to an existing framework such as ethnically-based food, specifically Italian food. We talked about some of the key flavors in Italian food and how we could use raw methods to create those flavors. As it turns out, you can use raw food to make just about anything.

Below: Zucchini noodles being softened for a raw lasagna recipe. The recipes for all of our classes are provided to the Natural Epicurean students in advance so we can review them.


Below: All of the ingredients for the raw lasagna. Creating the lasagna was a simple process of layering the noodles, marinara, mushrooms, cream sauce, etc. All vegan, all delicious.


Below: Chef Alicia rolls a raw manicotti with a zucchini noodle and raw nut-based “ricotta.”


Below: A raw pizza using a dehydrated crust, nut-based cheeses and sauces, olives, and mushrooms. Yum!


Below: A raw lasagna I made. It was phenomenal!



We spent the afternoon on Monday making raw desserts. More delicious recipes. We also tasted more of the fermented drinks we started last week like the coconut kefir. Mmm.



Below: A superfood cacao cluster with coconut, goji berries, and other good stuff. 🙂 So tasty!



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