Primavera Lab

I’m so behind on my blogging… Sigh. How about I start with a sweet treat? Classmate Kim Gallogly made these excellent chocolates as part of her mid term. They tasted amazing.


Chef Alex Lopez, aka the Food Diva, set up an extracurricular lab to cook some fresh and delicious primavera dishes. When I think “primavera” I think fresh, lighter, and gentler cooking methods, which is what I think Alex was going for. It was a fun and delicious lab session. As always, it’s great fun to cook with members of Group A, the other “homeroom” section in my class. Sadly, I didn’t get a ton of pictures, but we cooked a lot more than what’s photographed here.

Below: Chia seed cocoa pudding. Yum! Creamy and slightly sticky in a fun sort of way. 🙂


Below: Some yellow squash blossoms pictured at the bottom. They are totally edible, but delicate – handle with care! Take note of the sopes (lightly fried cornmeal cups) in the background – they’ll show up again.


Below: We made some agua frescas with fresh fruit and mineral water.


Below: Here’s a pea pod salad that was invented right on the spot by Rebecca. We just sliced the pods into shreds (the peas went into a rice dish), blanched them, and dressed with lemon zest. The essence of spring! There are the ubiquitous sopes in the background, hehe.


Below: A closeup of the sopes. A white bean puree, quick onion pickles, and micro greens made this a memorable dish for me. Crunch, creaminess, tartness, and – garlic. Good stuff.


Below: Making the sopes. If I had another picture of them, I would use it. 🙂  They are super easy – make up your masa (cornmeal and water, maybe some oil), toast it flat on cast iron, then shape into little cups. Fry the cups lightly, then fill with something delicious (see photo above).



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