Herbivoracious’ Michael Natkin

One of the cool things about being a student at The Natural Epicurean is that we get access to really cool people who are doing cool things with food. One such person is a fellow blogger, foodie, and career-changer, Michael Natkin. Michael is the man behind Herbivoracious, a well-read blog featuring vegetarian food. Herbivoracious has been recognized by the New York Times and Saveur magazine for it’s outstanding writing and recipes. Michael said the blog gets about 6,000 hits per day, which blows my mind.

Michael has been blogging for a few years now and thanks to his hard work, he landed a book deal. He is now marketing his cookbook across the country, doing public events in several major cities. He just quit his job two months ago to support his change into full-time food work. We were lucky to have him do a cooking demonstration at The Natural Epicurean where he talked about blogging, cooking, and changing careers – all topics that I am quite interested in these days! There were a handful of Austin bloggers present, as well, from the Austin Food Blogger Alliance.

Michael cooked a bahn mi and a mango salad, both delicious!


Here are a few things that really struck me from his presentation. These were things that seemed really useful for someone who is changing careers and/or looking to work with food:

  • Pay as much attention to relationships as to the food you cook.
  • Make sure that all you do represents you well.
  • There is a real benefit to working in as many places as you can, which in the food industry usually means working for free.
  • If you are excited about the food you’re cooking or the topic you are writing about, then your audience will be excited, too.

Below: Michael Natkin fields questions during his cooking demonstration.


Below: The Herbivoracious book – available now!


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