Warren Kramer – Part Two

I promised another post regarding the visit by internationally-recognized macrobiotic counselor Warren Kramer, so here it is. Overall, I’m just really glad to have gotten the chance to see someone who is such an authority in the healing art of macrobiotics. The appreciation for alternative approaches to health is one of the things that sets The Natural Epicurean apart from what other culinary schools offer, so I’m glad to be a part of the program.

There were a number of highlights from Warren Kramer’s visit that I figured I’d jot down in hopes that it would help me remember them!

  • A healthy person tries to keep empty, not full. Eating just enough to be strong is the goal, not feeling full all the time.
  • People tend to crave more of the foods that exacerbate their current condition.
  • Sugar is toxic. (This information is getting more and more popular thanks to Robert Lustig.) Watch a phenomenal video on sugar here.
  • Most people today suffer from blood sugar imbalances.
  • Sitting to eat forces your body to relax and prepares it for correct digestion.
  • It’s easy to learn cooking. It is harder, however, to create a nourishing life. Wow!
  • Air conditioning and being indoors all of the time puts us out of touch with the type of food we should be eating for seasonality.
  • Your kidneys are the seat of your health. The main time for their recovery and repair is from 1 to 3 am, so being in a good state of sleep by that time is cruicial.

There were many more excellent points but I have a lot to learn. I just might pursue more in depth study. Who knows?

Coming up soon is the ayurvedic portion of the school program. Ayurvedic philosophy is the source of this blog’s name, Diet is Correct, so I am looking forward to diving into that more in the coming weeks.


Below: Warren cooking during a public cooking lecture.


Below: Warren cooked some food from five different countries for a public class. So much macrobiotic food is based in Japanese cuisine, it was nice to eat a balanced meal that was ethnically diverse. And it was all excellent. One of my best meals in quite a while.


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