Clowning Around

So, you might think that culinary school is all serious, all the time, but we actually can let our hair down for a few moments at a time. So, besides showing some images from our recent day rolling sushi and wrapping spring rolls, I thought I would include some shots of Natural Epicurean students hamming it up for the camera.

Below: Okay, a serious photo to start. Some collard-wrapped rice and veggies.



Below: We are taught to minimize waste in the kitchen, so alternative uses for mushrooms are encouraged.


Below: Chef Rachel Zierzow showing off a very serious spring roll, made with a rice paper wrapper, rice vermicelli noodles, and vegetables.


Below: Very seriously placing the vegetables onto the not-to-be-trifled-with noodles and rice paper.


Below: As you can see, there is not a lot of fun happening in the kitchen when tempeh is around. Fermented soy is not something you want to take lightly.


Below: Can you find the creative garnish before it finds you?


Below: A slightly unorthodox spring roll.


Below: My hair even got into the act.


Below: Some salsa needs a warning sign…


Below: This is a shortcut for balancing out a person who has become overly yang, tight, and contracted. No Natural Epicurean students were harmed in this photo.


Below: Chef Rachel showed us a video on YouTube called Cooking with Dog, a Japanese cooking education series. The dog narrates these instructional videos, hence you are cooking with dog. I found this very amusing. The pawprint in place of the “o” in dog was the main thing I enjoyed.



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