Heart Hospital of Austin

We got a fun project to take on in our recipe development class – we are partnering with the Heart Hospital of Austin to beef up (or should I say “tofu up”?) their vegetarian menu for hospital patients. This is a great project for us because we all believe in the healthfulness of a plant-based diet, so naturally a hospital should have an excellent array of plant-based choices for the recovering people being cared for.


My team is going to take on creating some new lunch menu items. We need to be mindful of nutritional considerations such as sodium and fat levels, as well as logistical considerations such as not creating menu items with too many new ingredients for the hospital to keep in stock. And of course our items need to be appealing to people who are sick and who might not have as much experience with vegetarian food as we do. And keeping the recipes simple will be useful for the hospital kitchen, as well. Our ideas will be reviewed by an executive at the hospital and I’m hoping that some of our items will end up going on their final menu!



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