Masa Class

Being located in Central Texas, we couldn’t get away without a class on masa, a classic Mexican blend of cornmeal, water, and usually some kind of fat. Masa has a number of applications: tortillas, sopes, and tamales are popular ones. I just love the flavor of corn and it’s a great grain to use in the summertime. It’s sweet, light, and fresh tasting. No wonder it has been popular in Latin America for thousands of years (1).

Below: Spicy chilaquiles – a traditional Mexican dish of tortillas, tomato-based sauce, and spices.


Below: One of my favorites, a posole soup (at bottom). Posole is made from a large whole variety of corn and is usually cooked with a meat-based broth. We, of course, used onion, cumin, oregano, cilantro, lime and others to create a deliciously savory soup to go along with the starchy, yummy posole.


Below: Some lovely grilled vegetables – zucchini, yellow squash, and a variety of peppers (including the very trendy shishito peppers – the long green whole peppers).


Below: Chef Alex Lopez, always in command.


Below: We made tamales with a sauteed mushroom filling.


Below: Delicious posole soup with a melon-mint agua fresca.




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