Deep Eddy Pool

Let’s be honest here, it gets hot in Austin. Real hot. When I need to cool off, which is often, I like to hang out at Deep Eddy Pool. I love the grass and the spring-fed waters. It’s a bit easier to access compared to the somewhat over-popular Barton Springs, although that spot is awesome, too.

Deep Eddy is more family friendly than Barton Springs, although I am usually there by myself just chilling and reading one of my hundreds of in-progress books. The water is also much warmer than the bone-chilling cold of Barton Springs, but it’s still cooler than the average pool since it’s also spring fed.

I love that Deep Eddy and Barton Springs are both located near the center of the city. Austin is such a great town for that – the central part of the city is incredibly vibrant and very bikeable with loads of restaurants, theaters, food trucks, and parks near downtown. Other towns are much more sprawled out. No wonder people are moving here in droves. Sigh.

Below: Burning mah shins at Deep Eddy.


Below: Jim Jim’s water ice (aka snow cone) is an amazing way to help cool off. I chose mango this time. Keep it small to minimize sugar intake (sorry, this is still a wellness food blog 🙂 ). 



One thought on “Deep Eddy Pool

  1. I’ve lived in Austin since 1997 (minus four years abroad), and I just went to Deep Eddy for the first time this past week! This post is reminding me of what I’m missing… gotta get down there again soon! That snow cone looks amazing!

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