Event Day – Pregame Show

Friday was a big day for us, our 100-plus guest catering event. We had planned it carefully but it was now time to execute the plan. I’ll call this post the “pregame show” because I didn’t really capture the event itself very well. I will share photos of that, though.

Below: Unloading our massive order from Central Market.



Below: Student chef Mel who was our student committee leader for the kitchen, addressing the team.


Below: Tiny pies with fig garnish.


Below: A pre-show meeting, just one hour or so before service.


Below: Tiny pies and little cuatros leches in production.


Below: Chef David McIntyre, director of the forthcoming Portland branch of The Natural Epicurean, chops peaches alongside the students.


Below: Me, cutting perfect little watermelon cubes.


Below: My basil-lime gelee.


Below: After driving to San Marcos and back to get a grill, I went with Mel to get two robots for the event. Actually, they are air conditioners, not robots. Sorry.


Below: Mel working with The Smoking Gun to flavor one of our ingredients.


Below: The front-of-house team puts the finishing touches on the main event space.


Below: Chip and Rebecca prep for some outstanding grilled veggie flatbreads.


Below: Kim with my watermelon basil bites. One of the only photos I took during the event. There will be photos posted on Facebook on the school’s official page soon.


Below: Each of us had a portrait posted with information about our interests and background.


Below: We were all tired after the event. Some more tired than others. It was a real success, for sure, and I had a ton of fun. Photos coming soon, I promise!


2 thoughts on “Event Day – Pregame Show

  1. Really enjoyed reading and seeing the pictures. Yum, watermelon and basil together! Have made some outstanding salads lately with watermelon, cucumber and cilantro. Yummy! So glad to see your happy face!

    • Hey, Jana! Good to hear from you. 🙂 An idea – if the Chancellor ever wants to do a team building event, I am working on a team building cooking concept where the team members cook a recipe together. Ha! Sounds pretty fun to me. I’m hoping to market that to the corporate crowd. Good way to promote wellness, too, maybe?

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