Time is Flying By

Time is flying by.

Rewind six months or so: I quit my job and started culinary school. Probably the boldest move of my life. Back then, I had not much of an idea what I wanted to do except work with food and support people in becoming healthier. I had no idea how to go about that.

If you read the blog, you know that we had a catering event about 1.5 weeks ago, which was a great success. The lead-up to the event was packed with planning. I learned a ton. Since then, I’ve done a few things…

  • Crash Course in Personal Chef Work: Last week, some of my classmates and I spent time with a local personal chef, Amanda Love. Amanda gave us the lowdown on how to be a personal chef over the course of four days and it was a great crash course in the business side and operational realities of this work. I guess I should mention that I’ve pretty much decided to put my attention on being a personal chef. I’ll blog in more detail about that week of information later…
  • Registered my business name with the State of Texas
  • Secured a business checking account
  • Managed to keep myself financially solvent thanks to an emergency loan (THANKS AGAIN! You know who you are. 🙂 )
  • Sent my first personal chef business proposal
  • Got my first phone call regarding a part-time cooking job I applied for
  • Created brochures and (mixed feelings here) giant magnets for the side of my car promoting my business, AustinHealthyChef
  • Cancelled and re-issued the order for above brochures and (sigh) magnets due to a design change
  • Had a preliminary discussion about starting a corporate wellness-related venture
  • Applied for a few more jobs (still waiting for my call, major national organic grocery chain)
  • Worked a few days for a local vegetarian caterer, providing much-needed income
  • Worked several hours for a client doing human resources consulting (recruiting)

It feels like things are moving fast, right? I’m loving it. Stay tuned…

Below: Professional photo of me, thanks to a free session provided by my school. Thank you Natural Epicurean! Don’t you want this guy cooking for you?


Below: It’s official. Austin Healthy Chef is open for business.


Below: My “graduation” pin.


4 thoughts on “Time is Flying By

  1. Congrats! I started checking in on your blog a couple of months ago when I saw it linked on the Natural Epicurean Facebook page. I have been tossing around the idea of going to culinary school and as a vegan this school definitely appeals to me. If I ever figure out how to fund it, I may attend some day! Thanks for your insight into your experience and I wish you success with your new business 🙂

  2. It’s so nice being able to follow your progress with this big change in life. You’re such a great inspiration. Keep on truckin’…thinking of you.

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