Green Island Lunch

I’ve been helping out Rebecca, the owner of Green Island Catering (a vegan catering company), and she started making these pre-packed foods. I got to try one – the stacked enchiladas – and it was truly excellent. The portion was huge and it had this creamy cashew-based “cheese” sauce that was so silky and delicious with a little spicy punch. The enchiladas had beans, corn, zucchini, and rice stacked between corn tortillas. The whole thing is gluten-free, too!

Rebecca is trying to get broader distribution, but she is currently selling them through Daily Juice on North Loop. So check it out and let the manager know how awesome it is!


Eating this reminds me of one reason I decided to almost totally cut out my animal product consumption. It’s because eating plant-based food feels so much more wholesome. It doesn’t feel like a brick in my stomach like you get from meat and cheese. Plus you get more nutrients and when it’s well done you get more flavor, like in these enchiladas!




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