Business Skills Classes

In our last weeks of class, we had a parade of business instructors teach us about branding, marketing, web presence, accounting, writing resumes, and more. We also got to choose to to spend four days in a smaller group  with either a personal chef, a restaurateur/food product developer, or a food media expert learning the things that would set us up for success in our chosen career goals.

I chose to work with Amanda Love, a personal chef, and she had many great pieces of information which are going to help me get my personal chef business going. It was great to be in a small group with Amanda because we were all focused on doing personal chef work and got to ask her questions which were on our minds.

That time was really valuable and I appreciate her knowledge and encouragement. In some ways it was my favorite part of the whole school curriculum because it was the timing was so right based on what I needed at that time. It’s really helpful to have connections and mentors in life, especially when embarking on career change.

Below: John Moore of BrandAutopsy talking about developing a brand.


Below: Scott Price of SRP Consulting talks about consumer product marketing. 


Below: This guy, Justin Follin, blew me away with his perspective. He came in to talk about public speaking but what he shared with us was useful far beyond communication. This guy is a straight up life guru. He touched on confidence, emotions, duality of self, meditation, and presence. Half the class was in tears by the end, and I mean that in a good way.


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