Externship Update

I’m plugging along on my externship at Uchiko. I wish I could get some photos there, but the environment is not really conducive to the kind of photography I like to do. What I can say is that it’s a meticulously clean environment. There is no down time and very little conversation or activity that doesn’t relate to producing food. This doesn’t bother me, in fact it’s pretty cool that people are so focused. And the focus helps the time pass really fast.

I am definitely getting exposed to some unique ideas and recipes but the pressure to perform quickly is so great I’m not sure I notice what I’m learning. So, let me take a quick stock of a few things I’ve learned

  • Having high standards for food prep (e.g., size of knife cuts, quality of produce, customer expectations in a fine dining establishment)
  • Maintaining an efficient food storage system
  • Various recipes
  • A general sense of urgency in performance
  • Exposure to new ingredients and items (e.g., nasturtium, piperade, masago)

Below: Owner/Executive Chef Tyson Cole shows off some onion chips, which were made in a dehydrator. I have made these things, so I figured this was a good photo. By the way, I did not take this photo. There are so many photos available on the internet of Uchiko it’s amazing. Photo: madbetty.com

Meanwhile I am working for Green Island Catering, which is a vegan catering company. We are now producing meals to-go that we sell out of a couple of local store fronts (Daily Juice on 45th and The Wet Whistle on MLK near Chicon).

I am also preparing to compete in a cooking competition on September 5th at Papi Tino’s, a local Mexican restaurant. The idea is that recent culinary school graduates will develop a recipe, prepare it with the Papi Tino’s chef, and have it judged by some local luminaries. The winner on September 5 will compete in a final event at the end of the month. Wish me luck!


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