Catering Job

I catered a small party tonight. Time was tight but got the food on the table with help from my client and his friends. Also had my friend Amy assisting.

I was worried about having enough food but it worked out fine, although some people brought in more food.

I used a recipe for making feta “cheese” using tofu and it was awesome. It’s my new favorite. All it takes is a cubed block of tofu, a quarter cups of oil, some miso, and Italian herbs.





2 thoughts on “Catering Job

  1. Forget the oil, it’s unnecessary. Marinate the tofu in a light mixture of miso, vinegar, lemon juice and salt for 2 days. Leave it out at room temperature. Make sure the liquid is enough to fully immerse the (firm) tofu. After 2 days drain and press liquid out, voila, tofu feta.

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