Two Years Out

It’s been two years since I started culinary school. I spend 2013 becoming a better cook, working with different clients, and continuing to love my work.

At the moment I have three clients and things are going well. I enjoy the work and look forward to growing.

Keys to 2013 Success
A great website name – Austin Healthy Chef – was awesome for Google searches.
Taking on all clients who could afford my rate (not being scared by new things)
Only taking on clients who would afford my rate (not lowering my expectations)
Testing recipes to grow my skills and knowledge
Posting photos online
Having a GREAT network of people that I’ve worked with who refer me business and who I can call on to help me. And being willing to offer help when asked.

Goals for 2014
Keep testing recipes and growing as a cook. Take cooking classes that grow my skills.
Improve my web presence even more. Move to Wix or another site with a slicker look.
Look into growing my network of personal chefs in Austin.

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