Field Trip: Savory Spice Shop

Austin has such a vibrant food scene and I got to see a new slice of it recently when I attended a Slow Food Austin “Slow Session” at the Savory Spice Shop. The shop is just a couple of blocks west of the Whole Foods Market in downtown Austin. It’s located in the quiet but well foodie-fied West Sixth area, which also features Cafe Josie, Z’Tejas, and Sweetish Hill Bakery, to name a few of the better-known eateries.


The shop has a lot of spices for sale – specialty salts, dried herbs, and ground spices. I was able to find some asafoetida and kaffir lime leaves. Yay!



Below: They have just about any extract you could want.


Below: Karen, the owner, did a cooking demonstration – two curries using the shop’s spice blends.


Below: The shop sells this freeze dried corn that tastes just like popcorn. Crunchy and light – mmm! You can taste a sample of this and anything else in the store.